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Enjoy Your Special Day

We believe that music is very personal and emotional for the majority of our clients. Because of that, we offer the opportunity to customize the evening with personal music selections and instructions. In our client section online, you can let us know all the details of your event including songs for special dances and your event timeline. You can choose the amount and style of DJ interaction, create your own custom song list, and sometimes more importantly – list songs not to play. Our online planner and music listening center is comprehensive, easy-to-navigate and includes sound clips of every song in our song library.


DJs are experts in pleasing even the most mixed of crowds. We know how important the right DJ is for every event. We match based on your musical preferences and selections, type of interaction desired and venue familiarity. This careful pairing ensures that each event performance will exceed your expectations.


Every year PBJ goes to the most advanced wedding DJ expo's and training seminars to bring you the best the industry has to offer. Las Vegas to Atlantic City DJ PBJ know what he is doing.

Peace of Mind

We are experienced and professional offering equipment set up prior to your guest arrival, back-up equipment on-site at every event, and a back-up DJ and technician on call at all times. We have all of our bases covered for every emergency so you can rest with ease knowing that your DJ will deliver the experience you deserve.

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